Biomedica Medical Services

760 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Biomedica Servicii Medicale Biomedical Service Laboratory includes two cell biology suites equipped with incubators and biological safety cabinets, a general molecular biology area with equipment for PCR analysis, western blotting, ELISAs and MagPix assays and a protein chemistry laboratory. There are also two general microscopy rooms including confocal and scanning electron microscopy.

Elevating Healthcare: The Impact of Biomedica Medical Services

New construction, go-live projects, and other service demands can strain your in-house Biomedical staff. Temporary supplemental biomedical technician resources can free up your team to focus on critical equipment while keeping up with scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance. From on-demand general biomedical services to fully outsourced clinical engineering programs, Agiliti can provide the right mobile medical technology management solution for you.

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