BOT CHECKER – Protect Brand Reputation, Enhance Customer Trust, and Deliver a Great User Experience

BOT CHECKER identifies and blocks malicious bots while letting good bots through to improve productivity and facilitate communication. It prevents bot-driven spam, scraping, account login abuse, data exfiltration, credit card fraud, and other automated fraudulent activities to protect brand reputation, enhance customer trust, and deliver a great user experience.

Bot detection is challenging because sophisticated bots have evolved to mimic human behavior and evade traditional methods of identification. To detect a bot, the solution must perform a variety of tasks in real-time: analyze device fingerprints to distinguish between real and bot devices; compare browser and application requests to determine whether they are legitimate or not; use behavioral analysis to look for nonlinear mouse movements and rapid button and mouse clicks, slow page navigation, and other anomalies; check IP addresses against known bot network IPs and blacklisting; and more.

Combatting Bot Activity: Bot Checker

The results of a bot attack can be devastating to businesses and their customers. They include monetary losses from DDoS attacks, website downtime, data theft, and other forms of cyberattack. They also hurt brand image and reduce consumer trust.

The best anti-bot solution should work in real time to identify and block bots based on an organization’s specific needs and threats. It should be able to differentiate between good and bad bots by performing a wide range of detection and mitigation strategies, including blocking, showing CAPTCHA tests, dropping connections, feeding them with false information, or using other patented technologies that provide unmatched protection for your website, APIs, mobile apps, and more.

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