Expert Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Services

Expert Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Services

Most people know that Expert Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Services is great for reducing energy bills and making properties more comfortable, however, there are many reasons why a property’s existing CWI may need to be removed. These could include;

When CWI is incorrectly or poorly installed, it can lead to damp and condensation issues which can damage the brickwork of a property and potentially cause health-related problems if left untreated. Damp and condensation can also be caused by leaking roofs, poor building maintenance, flooding or fire damage, all of which may result in wet insulation which will transfer moisture from the outside of the property into the inside leading to damp walls and more damp issues.

The Ultimate Guide to Expert Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Services: What You Need to Know

One of the most common methods for insulating a property using CWI is by injecting bonded beads or spray foam. This involves drilling holes externally into the wall around 22mm in diameter spaced about 1 metre apart and injecting a unique material such as mineral wool, polystyrene or urea formaldehyde foam. The material fills the gaps in the wall to prevent warm air leaving the property and cold air entering it, whilst also providing a degree of insulation as the materials used are much better insulators than brick.

The process for removing this type of insulation uses a specialist machine that pumps high-pressure compressed air into access points in an external wall, which dislodges and breaks up the damaged insulation so that it can be vacuumed away and collected safely. This is a non-disruptive and safe method of CWI removal which is also very efficient, meaning that the property will soon be back to its original condition.

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