Wetpour Maintenance

TheWetpour Maintenance system is resilient and incredibly popular in play areas and recreation spaces as it provides a soft surface that reduces injuries caused by falls or collisions. This type of surfacing is made up of two layers; the base layer which is made up of aggregates and cement that has to be laid flat, level and free from air pockets or crevices, and the top wearing course, which gives wetpour its signature appearance and is constructed from recycled EPDM rubber granules embedded in a binder.

Maximizing Safety: Ensuring ADA Compliance for Wetpour Surfaces

Wet pour maintenance is the process of ensuring that this unique flooring remains clean and suitable for children to play on all year round. It involves a number of strategies including brushing the safety surface to eliminate mud, particles, and natural matter in order to prevent the pores in the floor from becoming blocked and it ensures that water can pass through easily. Additionally, a light jet wash is often carried out to remove any dirt from the surface that has been missed by the brushing process.

This helps to keep the wetpour rubber crumb surface looking its best, and if any damage is discovered during an operational inspection it can be repaired quickly using our wetpour repair kit. During this process, a new 15 mm thin layer is added to the existing surface. This is a cost-effective way to restore your wetpour if it is damaged or has become worn down over time.

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