How to Find the Best Minecraft Servers

As with any open-world game, there are a huge number of Minecraft Servers for players to join. They’re often grouped into different archetypes, each with its own gameplay features, rules and societal structures.

These servers use custom Minecraft Servers multiplayer software (such as Spigot, CraftBukkit or Java Server) to add unique features that aren’t available on a normal Minecraft client. These can include things like PVP, Survival, Creative and Adventure mode, an economy, built-in minigames and more.

Servers that use these types of plugins tend to be larger, with thousands of active users at any given time. They may have unique game modes, special rules that go above and beyond the normal vanilla guidelines and can even offer pay-to-play premium features.

A popular example is Hypixel, the world’s biggest Minecraft server with over 100,000 unique players at peak times. It has an enormous array of different minigames, with a massive rank system that lets players unlock a variety of in-game bonuses.

From Vanilla to Modded: Choosing the Right Type of Minecraft Server for You

There are also a huge number of websites that list hundreds of Minecraft servers for players to browse and join. They’re often sorted by popularity and are a great way for newcomers to find a server that suits them. However, it’s important to be aware that some of these sites are ad-supported and will often have a large amount of paid listings at the top of the list.

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