Water Based CBD

water based cbd

Water based cbd is one of the latest innovations in CBD. It’s designed to be ingested so that it can be quickly and easily absorbed into the body. It is a great alternative to the regular oil that can be applied under the tongue and allows for much more precision in dosage. The water soluble cbd is made by binding the naturally lipid-soluble hemp extract with a hydrophilic substance. This enables it to be mixed with a wide variety of products like drinks and skin care products without the need for added oil. It bypasses the liver and reaches the bloodstream more rapidly than oils because it is in a form that is more readily absorbed.

Unlike oil, water-soluble cbd is odorless and tasteless so it can be used in a wider range of products that have no need for an additional oily ingredient. It is ideal for adding to hot and cold drinks and can be incorporated into lotions, facial serums, and even suppositories.

Water-Based CBD: Exploring the Benefits of Cannabidiol in Aqueous Formulations

This is the latest innovation in the CBD market and many brands claim that it increases the amount of CBD available for use in your system by up to ten times more than oil-based CBD products. However, more research is required to understand exactly how this works and why it may be better for certain consumers than others. Water soluble cbd is also not a replacement for full-spectrum CBD which provides a wider array of cannabinoids and terpenes that create a more complete experience.

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