Holistapet Fresh Breath For Dogs Review

Holistapet Fresh breath for dogs is made with human-grade ingredients, making it the same as toothpaste for humans. Instead of using a toothbrush, you just rub a dime-sized amount on your dog’s teeth and on its tongue. The formula is designed to reach areas that conventional toothbrushes are unable to clean.

How important isHolistapet Fresh Breath For Dogs ?

A double-strength formula fights bacteria responsible for bad breath while whitening your dog’s teeth. It’s safe and effective to use, and is even safe for dogs with advanced dental problems. Plus, it’s non-toxic and won’t cause gagging.

The yogurt-based formula is highly effective at freshening breath, and it’s flavored with spearmint and peppermint. The yogurt-based mouthwash also contains coactiv+ technology, which breaks down the biofilms that bacteria love. This helps control tartar and plaque, which is why third-party testing showed a 25 percent reduction in tartar after 84 days.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. The product is also backed by a customer service department with live agents that answer questions within a few hours. Furthermore, shipping is free within the United States.

The company behind Holistapet CBD shampoo for dogs is a natural company dedicated to helping pets. It sources hemp plants, which have been legalized on a federal level since the Farm Bill passed in 2018. The hemp plant is used for this product, which is a great source of CBD oil for pets.

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