California Devises Draft Poker Bill

California Devises Draft Poker BillIn a move that will be sure to raise a few eyebrows amongst US government officials, the forward thinking state of California has opted to take a proactive approach with regards to online gambling by devising a draft for the forthcoming California Online Poker Law Enforcement Compliance and Consumer Protection Act. This proposal provides major support for an industry that has taken a severe setback in the US in recent years thanks to the restrictive laws created in 2006 with the ill-conceived UIGEA.

This Bill is designed to regulate online gambling by creating an online intrastate poker network. Lawmakers are still working out the details and finer points before the Bill gets to the stage where it can be brought to life, but there is plenty of speculation going on right now. The idea that online gambling may soon come to California is exciting to large sectors of the community.

It comes as no real surprise that California and its famous Governor, ex-bodybuilder and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger are at the forefront of the current boom in US based land casinos, so a step further into cyberspace is really the next logical move. Many other states have or are in the process of changing their gambling laws because the profits from allowing casinos to operate within their jurisdictions is too great to pass up on.

There have also been a spate of judgements across the US that have dismissed criminal cases from courtrooms because judges have agreed that poker is fundamentally a game of both skill and ability, although there have also been judgements that have gone the other way.

When it comes to governing a particular state, there are two types of people who get into positions of power and use that power either wisely or not. Some want to rule with an iron fist and a heavy jackboot, using any means to suppress the wishes of their citizens if it doesn’t fit with their own strict rules. Others prefer to rule by openness, wisdom and common sense. California appears to be ruled by those of the latter type who have seen the glaringly obvious benefits, both financially and communally that will see their revenue increase from the intelligent taxation of licensed online gambling. Not to mention the vote of confidence that their citizens will show them next time the elections come around.