Australian Online Gambling Laws Flouted

Australian Online Gambling Laws FloutedAustralian gamblers are being exposed to online gambling sites by international companies that openly flout the law. Despite the strict regulations imposed on online gambling companies by Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act of 2018, certain international online gambling websites are touting for Australian members and taking advantage of a loophole in the law.


British betting company Ladbrokes is one such high profile company which owns an Internet poker website that is based in the British colony of Gibraltar. It is from this site that Australian players are being targeted by Ladbrokes, despite the fact that by breaching the law they stand to face potential fines that could be up to around $1.1 million each day. Ruby Fortune casino review


A spokesman for Ladbrokes says that their poker website is under no legal obligation to deter Australian players from signing up as members and playing poker online for money. He also confirmed that Australian players are able to make use of any of their online facilities.


Under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2018 it is an offence for any company whether in Australia or based overseas to make available online casino games which involve gambling for money to any person physically present within Australia’s territory.


The Productivity Commission currently has the legislation, which is generally considered a bad law, under review due to the problem arising from the Australian courts being unable to enforce any of its penalties on online gambling companies based overseas. Even the Government is reluctant to enforce the legislation to prosecute such international companies.


Ladbrokes in London are said to be interested making a bid for the highly lucrative TAB betting license for the state of Victoria, worth an estimated $750 million, which becomes available for tender by 2012. This has further angered opponents of online gambling who see any company that has such disregard for Australian laws as being unfit to hold a wagering license for any Australian state.


A spokesman for Stephen Conroy, the Communications Minister has said that any complaints concerning web pages were being taken care of by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Any company that contravenes the Interactive Gambling Act will be added to a blacklist of Internet addresses that are prohibited by the ACMA, although there are no proposals for adding any such online gambling websites to a particularly heavy duty blacklist of websites currently being compiled for Senator Conroy by the ACMA.